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Curve, carry one card for all your cards. Connect your cards to Curve and enjoy a whole new banking experience. One Interface. One Curve card. Real-time notifications, Zero Fx, 1% Cashback, and even time travel to change card charged.
Get 1% cashback at 3 select retailers of your choice on the top of your card bonus. Add this code when you join for £5 bonus. Available in 27 countries of by residency of cardholder.

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Brickell Men’s Natural Skincare & Grooming Kit – 17 samples (worth £65) only pay £5.50 for P&P

Brickell men’s give you a trial deal of 17 premium products of natural skincare + a £10 coupon for a total of £5.50 (shipping fees only). That’s £65 worth of product for £5.50 (UK shipping cost). This is not a subscription. Just a trial pack, you have no future obligation to purchase their products.  Read more

Free Postcode Lottery – UK

Free lottery tickets – pick my postcode

It’s easy, you don’t buy a ticket. Instead, you sign up for free with your postcode and your email address. At noon there’s a main prize draw, and the site publishes the winning postcode. You get an email reminding you to visit the site and check whether you have won. If it’s your postcode up there, you have 24 hours to claim your prize. Read more

3 websites to listen online music playlist

The best free music playlists website accessible from your browser. Discover my favorites websites to listen to music playlists online.

Online music playlist

Listen to online music playlists for free

Where to find online music playlist

An infinity pool of summer sounds w/ 80’s VHS visuals! Swimwear optional


Listen to playlist according to your mood, feeling chilling, happy, sad, energetic and more more, choose your mood, clic the play button and listen to music playlists matching your feeling at the time.


Listen to the best playlist or the 22 tracks from different cities: Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Paris. The top 22 of each city is updated everyday. You can also create your own 22 top tracks with an account (Facebook, Twitter or Google account). Enjoy all kind of top tracks classified by categories.

Autosurf, get free traffic to your webpage with using autosurfs

Autosurfs are a simple way to get traffic to your website. It is a way to exchange visite. You open a page which will reload herself alone every x seconds showing different websites of other users. Every website view give you some kind of “credits” you can then allocate to your different urls where you want to receive visitors. It’s an exchange system for the

Keyboard and hand - autosurf

Get visitors for your website using autosurfs

How to get free traffic exchange with autosurf

Simply register on autosurf websites for free. In general, you will get a few free credits you can use immediately. Add the urls you want to promote. And get more credits using the surfpage.

It works with a ratio. A ratio 1:1 means for one visite you make you will receive one visitor to your page too. So 1:05 means you will need to see two webpages to get one visite.

This ratio sometimes depends on the timer of the page you visit. You need to stay a few seconds on the page. Minimum is about 10-15 seconds and it can go up to 1 minutes.

Autosurfs generally have a referral system so you can get even more visits to your pages.

List of free autosurf websites

This list is not exhaustive but they are the good one.

LinkTimerRateRefferalNice about it
FEELINGSURF10s0.620%Unique visitor a day. Max visits per hour (french and english)
EASYHITS4U15s to 40s0.7 – 110%Visit times per day, day of the weeks, geo targeting
10KHITSvariablevariable40%10 000 pts offer when you register
WEBSYNDIC15s200 free credits, choose a max by hour, banner, text
TWISTRIX5s to 60s0.610% 250 free minutes when you register. Hits per hour, geo targeting, anonym traffic, with/without sound


List of depreciated autosurfs:

  • – windows only software, don’t pay
  • – not profesional
How to meet new people, where to make new friends in a (new) city

How to meet new people? It’s sometimes a question we think all about. If you ask one of your friend, he will tell you, just go out! Yes… sure, it’s a start but not always easy. Some people are really good at meeting new people, some other are less.

So where to meet people?

Working place? Yeah it works at works at the beginning, but after a while you tend to know everyone there and you need to meet new people.

I heard many people saying bars and clubs are good way to meet new people. I personally don’t think a club will be good. A bar is nice but you will usually stay with your group friends specially if you are the kind of shy type of person.

Gigs and festival is a better place as we already know you share some music taste, it can be the start of a conversation and you can discover new music from each other.

Wait a minute, that’s cool but what if I am alone?

Well what stop you to go somewhere alone? Ok, I can understand.

I am not always very confident or in the mood to be social. But I discover a some events where people you will meet are social and are up to meet other people.

I know two good websites to find those kind of events. and you can definitely attends to those events alone as it’s what people do. Give it a try!

Meet new people in your city, check Meetup

Meet new people and make friends doing activities you like list all kind of event, there groups of people who like specific activities and you can join to groups and go to their events. Often for free or sometimes for a small amount of money, that’s all depends of the groups and activities, etc…

There are groups for so many topics, from language exchange, to some sport group, to a walking and exploring the city groups, photograph groups, the cinema lovers, artists, reader, pub lovers, food lovers, have a look it’s free. Just select your city and check the listing by date, see if anything interest you and go have a good time and meet new people there. The rest will follow.

You travel and you are new in a city? Look at Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing. Events for travelers

Couchsurfing is more particular. It is a service that connects members to a global community of travelers. The idea is to use Couchsurfing to find a place to stay or share your home and hometown with travelers.

However, couchsurfers organize regular events in 100,000 cities around the world. There’s always something to do and new friends to meet.

I met lots of people travelling alone and making new friends really quickly.