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Transferwise referral, get a discount code for a free transfer. The discount is for new users only. 

National Express discounts for your travel

Travel the cheaper way as possible with a National Express coach. Sometimes when you are on a budget you need to be smart to save on your expenses, especially as travelling can be expensive in the UK. 

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Azimo is great to transfer money at a real rate and avoiding change office/bank or cash machine fees. Use the referral code discount and get 10 GBP off your first Azimo transfer.

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We swap referral code for a bonus when you join. WeSwap is a Mastercard credit card to swap your travel money with other travellers. No unclear rates, hidden fees or shocks when you get home.

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Circle – start sending money (and receiving it) right from your phone. Get a referral code for £5. Try Circle and enter the code 7N8VWU and get £5 when you send £25!