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Octopus energy referral code 2024, get £50 bonus in credits with this UK sign-up invitation

Octopus energy referral link 2024 for £50 in credit to your account. Use this Octopus Energy referral invite to register. Octopus entered the market to disrupt the status quo with energy that’s good for the planet, good for your wallet, and, honestly, good for your soul.

Article last updated: April 16th, 2024

Octopus energy referral code 2024 – 50 GBP in credits as refer a friend bonus – UK

How do you get 50 GBP with octopus energy?

Get a quote and switch online in minutes. No need to fill out paperwork or wait for a callback.

Use this Octopus Energy referral code 2024, after you pay your first bill, 50 GBP will be credited to your Octopus Energy account.

Remember, the £50 only gets credited to your account if you sign up through this Octopus invite link – If you sign up through another website, you will miss out on your £50 credit.

Octopus Energy refer a friend code offer, get £50 off with this octopus energy referral code 2024

Octopus Energy now supplies energy to over 1.2 million UK homes (and counting). Until now, 92% of customers rate them as 5* Excellent on Trustpilot.

All our tariffs feature 100% renewable electricity and no exit fees.

Octopus Energy can save you money – and it’s better for the environment, too

For businesses as well: Octopus Fixed

Our 12 & 24-month tariffs fix the energy price you’ll pay. Great if you want price certainty for your business. Get your octopus energy quote in minutes.

Related: British Gas also offers a referral bonus, but regarding the question of who is the cheapest energy supplier, Octopus Energy is great for the UK.

Octopus Energy special offer: £50 credit for you if you sign up now – July 2024.

Octopus energy referral terms and conditions 2024

How to refer friends to Octopus Energy?

To refer friends to Octopus Energy, you need to be an existing customer of Octopus Energy and had your first successful direct debit payment. You can refer friends and family through the personalised link that we send you, which you can find in your online account (“Personalised Link”).

The Octopus Energy referral is for new users only.

You will not be eligible to refer customers to us under the referral scheme if the person you refer has been a customer of Octopus Energy within the last 12 months.

Octopus Energy referral terms and conditions can be found at

Expired: Octopus energy referral link joining bonus increase to £100 for 8 days

Octopus referral bonus increased from £50 to £100 for 8 days only, until October 15th 2020.

Octopus energy referral terms and conditions:
You share £100 between the referrer and referee only if the registration is from a new user using the Octopus energy referral invitation to sign up.

Update: this referral offer of £100 is finished. There is no better offer than £50 at the moment.

Octopus referral £75 is also finished. The maximum Octopus energy referral link bonus is 50 GBP – July 2024

Octopus energy referral for business get £100 in credits – 2023

If you refer a business, you can split £200 with them. Just send them the link above!

Octopus energy perks with the app and “Octoplus”

Octoplus is a super unique rewards scheme that takes advantage of the half hourly pricing of electricity which changes depending on whether the grid is under pressure (lots of people using energy at once) or when the grid is benefiting from lots of renewable energy meaning electricity is super cheap!

To benefit from Octoplus we need customers to:

  • Have their electricity supplied by Octopus
  • Have an electricity smart meter (which sends us Half Hourly readings)
  • Pay by Direct Debit

Octoplus is also available to business customers who match these criteria, and will also be available to smart prepayment customers.

Gas only customers can’t take part, as the Saving Sessions and Free electricity sessions are electricity based activities.

If you’re not eligible you won’t see Octoplus in your online account but we will slowly be adding information on how to become eligible in your account.

We’ll be thanking you for keeping your account in tip top shape with Octopoints including an exclusive spin the wheel, extra points for friend referrals and solar referrals. You can now also use your points to redeem exclusive rewards through the app and online. Shoptopus discounts. A free Greggs hot drink every week. National Trust days out. Discounted Odeon cinema tickets. And more coming soon.



Who owns Octopus energy?
This press release tells us who is octopus energy owned by:
Octopus remains majority owned by Octopus Group, the £9bn UK investor in energy, technology and growth businesses. Octopus is the UK’s largest investor in solar energy, and has recently announced Australia’s largest solar farm.

Does Octopus energy do smart meters?
Short answer, yes. “We aim to contact all customers who’re currently eligible to have a smart meter installed by the end of 2020“, so you are very likely to get a smart meter with Octopus (source article from the blog)
And if you wonder, “How can I get a smart meter with Octopus?” there is a link for this once you register in your dashboard.

Octopus energy review 2024

Easy to get set up, easy to switch. People switched from Avro to Octopus Energy or any providers.

Customer service is helpful when you need them. You will read very positive comments on Trustpilot such as “Octopus has been amazing with customer services and having everything dealt with within a reasonable time”. “Outstanding customer service”


How to save money with Octopus energy?

Switch to Octopus Energy and get a smart meter installed (if you don’t have one yet). Explore their Agile and tracker tariffs for great savings!

Tracker tariffs offer daily price changes that have consistently been lower than standard price-capped tariffs. While it’s not guaranteed (some days might be higher), most customers have saved a lot of money.

Agile tariffs change every 30 minutes. If you can shift your usage away from peak times, you can save even more. This is especially beneficial if you can schedule devices/appliances to run overnight or have an electric vehicle that you can charge during the cheapest periods. Sometimes, when there’s surplus energy in the grid (like on windy or sunny days), they may even pay you to use energy. You can really optimize your usage and be super thrifty.

If you can’t or don’t want to adjust your usage patterns, the tracker tariff may be a better fit for you.

Get your octopus energy referral bonus today!

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