Save money referral code for £10 free – Coffee and food app the new social ordering from your favourite local restaurants and coffee shops. The ritual app allows ordering and go pick up.

Article last updated: September 18, 2021

Ritual app referral code 2021 – update

New booster on the app, use the same ritual invitation code to join as beforeDENIS72401

I’ve been using Ritual to order pickup and thought you’d love it. Get your £6 credit off:

Ritual referral code – refer a friend 2019

Sign up to to redeem your £10 towards lunch and coffee!

Ritual referral code DENIS72401

Update October 2019, the offer now gives you £6, £3.00 off your 1st order and £3.00 off your 2nd.

Ritual app London screenshot
Ritual app London screenshot

You get a £10 credit!
You got a £5 credit! Place an order, and you’ll get £5 off your nest order.

  • Free to join with no hidden fees or markups – ever!
  • Use Ritual at hundreds of restaurants and cafes across your city
  • Enjoy free lunch & coffee delivery from your co-workers
Ritual referral code – refer a friend 2019

Ritual refer a friend terms

Give a £10 credit on us when you invite co-workers and friends to use Ritual! Get 1000 points when they make their first purchase.

Skip the wait

Your order will be hot, fresh and ready when you arrive to pick it up.

Skip the trip

Piggyback on a team order and have your food brought to your office by a co-worker.

Ritual app in London review

For now Ritual is available in the City (From Old street, Hackney, Shoreditch, Barbican, Spitalfields, Bank) and in Canary Wharf.

You can see a map at

If you like good coffee check Pact Coffee, coffee from the world delivered to your door (and get a £5 discount on your first order)

If you work in central London (Soho being the best spot for it) check Mealpal for cheap lunch in London, order and collect skipping the queue.

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