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KuCoin referral code bonus 10% Fee Discount December 2021

Use a KuCoin referral code when you register to get a KuCoin bonus. Sign up today using the code r32WCJ1 and get started. KuCoin is the most popular platform to buy coins that aren’t mainstream yet.

How to get aKuCoin referral code referral bonus – 2021 (no expiry date)

Usethis KuCoin referral code r32WCJ1 when you register (or use this link

Kucoin referral code bonus
Kucoin referral code bonus, enter the KuCoin referral code r32WCJ1 when you register

As a new user, you can go to the task center to collect USD by doing small actions (such as reading short articles or watching videos) and cumulate 1.6 USDT in bonus.

KuCoin review December 2021

KuCoin allows users to get some coin others won’t have (yet). I am using for a while and I had some ZIL doing nothing in my account, I moved them from crypto to my KuCoin account to my make those work a bit with the lending functionality instead of having them waiting to get some value. This way they stay mine and I am getting some extra to make those coins work. Later on, if I want, I will be able to move them back to of Binance.
I open my KuCoin account to reach some more rare coins.
Opening the account was very fast, no need to do the KYC checks if you are funding your account from another wallet. I recommend having more than one platform. Something like allows you to spend your earnings with a debit card. KuCoin is really to invest into coins before they get popular to all. Kucoin looks like Binance, but they have some interesting functions such as the finance part, games, etc.

Top tip: use the KuCoin coin to pay market order fees cheaper.

Why use KuCoin?
To invest in coin before everyone. KuCoin is a safe and reliable platform.

Do I need to do the KuCoin KYC or can I use KuCoin without kyc?
KuCoin is one of the only platforms you can use without doing the KYC. KYC is necessary to deposit with a credit card but it’s best to send money to your KuCoin account from another wallet ( or Binance, or any other)

Where to learn everything about KuCoin platform?
One good YouTube video to start is this

Enjoy your new KuCoin account. And if you want a referral for check this article.

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