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Oddbox referral code get £10 to spend with Oddbox

Oddbox referral code get £10 to spend with Oddbox with this refer a friend invitation. Try Oddbox now with this promo code on your first box. Eat good. Do good.

How to get a Oddbox refer a friend code discount on my first order?

Use this referral invitation to get your unique code and enjoy £10 off your first box.

See full details of the offer in the Terms and Conditions of the Oddbox refer-a-friend scheme.

  • The Referred friend is offered £10 off when they place their first order.
  • The reward is valid for 7 days from the point of issue to the referred friend.
  • In order to qualify for the reward the referred friend must be a new customer to Oddbox and over the age of 18.
Oddbox referral code get £10 to spend with Oddbox
Oddbox referral code get £10 to spend with Oddbox

Oddbox refer a friend: Tell your friends about Oddbox. They get £10 off their first box. You get £10 off your next box. You both help save the planet by rescuing odd and surplus fruit & veg directly from the farm.

How to add your code when you refer a friend to Oddbox:

1. Log in to your account.
2. Select ‘manage deliveries’ from the left hand menu.
3. Choose an upcoming delivery that is not past your cut-off
4. Enter the code in the box at the bottom of the ‘upcoming deliveries’ page
5. Click Apply

Love to eat fresh and fight waste? With Oddbox you can rescue odd and surplus fruit & veg directly from the farm and help save the planet. Here’s £10 to spend on your first box! Once you’ve placed your first order, I’ll get £10 too.

Get £10 off with Oddbox

The boxes

Rescue up to 9 varieties of veg & 4 varieties of fruit in each box.

Rescue up to 9 varieties of veg in each box.

Rescue up to 6 varieties of fruit in each box.

Example for a week ODDBOX contents 7th – 13th April 2021 (this changes every week)

Fruit & Veg Boxes


Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Mushrooms, Aubergine, Celeriac, Cucumber, Kale, Salad Leaves (contains: spinach, rocket, red chard, bulls blood, mizuna, red batavia) / Kiwis, Plums, Pears, Rhubarb.


Potatoes, Carrots, Aubergines, Courgette, Lettuce, Sweet Potato, Red Cabbage, Rocket / Apples, Kiwis, Plums, Oranges.


Potatoes, Onions, Celery, Butternut Squash, Leeks, Cauliflower, Rocket / Apples, Kiwi, Clementines.

Veg Boxes:


Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Mushrooms, Celeriac, Red Cabbage, Cucumber, Kale, Lettuce.


Potatoes, Aubergines, Courgettes, Lettuce, Parsnips, Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Purple Sprouting Broccoli.


Potatoes, Onions, Celery*, Butternut Squash, Lettuce, Leeks, Cauliflower.

Fruit Boxes

Fruit Booster:

Apples, Plums, Clementines, Passion Fruits, Grapes, Grapefruits.

You can usually see the Oddbox this week content at

OddBox review

Very good reviews you can read about from the footer of the website.

My personal Oddbox review

They deliver my area on Saturday/Sunday. I added the instruction to buzz my flat number at any time as there is no safe place to leave it outside. They buzzed at 11.19pm and left the box in the stairs. So all perfect for this. And here is the content of my box:

oddbox this week fruit box - oddbox discount code
oddbox this week fruit box

There is also some info about what to eat first and when and you will see some products
As an add-on not on the photos I added 5 lemon for £1.49 that week. There are fully fine but it’s a “too many” case so perfectly good-looking products.

I have my order set for a box every two week, as it’s a fair amount of fruits. But I know I have the possibility to skip or add a box when I want. I will use it again. Hopefully I won’t have delivery at 3am or 5am. But in any case I just need to buzz and go back to bed. If it’s to do a good action and treat myself with good products, it’s worth it!

Here are some other Oddbox review:

  • “some items did not last more than 3 days”
  • Value for money. A lot of varieties to choose from. Little pamphlets explaining how to get more out of each fruit.
  • “Great service. Super tasty fruit and veg & a good variety each week. Minimal plastic packaging”

You need to know the delivery usually take place between 7pm to 7 am. So you need to leave instructions. They actually do this to help reduce emissions.

Due to the fact that we deliver overnight and cannot guarantee a delivery time, your driver will never buzz or ring post 9 pm. If you are unsure of the safety of your delivery spot, or your building has entry only with a key/FOB/code, please mention BUZZ AT ANYTIME / CALL AT ANYTIME (followed by your contact no.) / TEXT (followed by your contact no.) in the PREFERENCES section of your ODDBOX account.
If this option doesn’t suit you we also have a key/fob holding service which may work better, please get in touch with us if you’d like more information on setting this up

Source: support article

Other Oddbox discount and promo code

Once again, the Oddbox refer a friend is the best introductory offer.

The newsletter: Sign up to get 10% off and receive our Oddbox Monthly newsletter plus news, recipes, veg tips and offers sent straight to your inbox!

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OddBox FAQ

Where does Oddbox come from?
“40% of all produce in the UK is wasted before it leaves farms. Why? Because it doesn’t look “right” or because too much was grown – despite being fresh, beautiful, and totally tasty. Something needed to change. […] And so, Oddbox was born.”

Is oddbox organic?
The products are not organic, the idea if to avoid food waste, not to provide organic fruits and vegetables

Where does Oddbox deliver?
We deliver boxes of freshly rescued fruit & veg across London and all over South-East England.

How to skip a week or more using the holiday tool?
You can skip a week easily in the Manage delivery tab (, click the skip button.
Or you can enter your holiday dates “GOING AWAY OR ON HOLIDAY? NEED TO SKIP A DELIVERY?”

Enjoy your odd veggies and fruits!

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