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Transferwise, first transfer discount, referral Transferwise 2020

Transferwise referral link, get a discount code for a fee-free transfer. The discount is for new users only.

Banks charge a lot for overseas transfers. We don’t. Transfer money abroad easily and quickly with our low-cost money transfers.
Costs vary between currencies. But we’re usually around eight to ten times cheaper and five times faster than banks.

With TransferWise, consumers benefit from the real exchange rate and transparent fees. Don’t pay bank charges. When you’re transferring £5,000, a few per cent can make a big difference.

Transferwise, how to get a discount with a friend invite

It’s easy, get your free Tranferwise with this unique link* to do your first transfer with Transferwise.

*New link added June 2020

How does a transfer discount work?

“Once you have been invited by another TransferWise user to use us, you will receive a discount for your first transfer. This will either remove or reduce the fee on your first transfer. You will see this as a ‘Free transfers’ under the Send Money button when you are logged in to your TransferWise profile.”

A free transfer with

The official documentation is available at:

Transferwise fee-free transfer of up to 500 GBP with this invite

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  1. Honestly i give them 5 stars. Certainly, one of the best way to transfer your money abroad!
    You have an excellent exchange rate with transferwise ! Nearly as same than the official rate.

    And their transfer fee is also very low.

    What i like with transferwise, its very easy to send money, its very fast and reliable.

    And their customer service is top notch!

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