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Eatwith experience referral code 6E7ADB15 – discount on eatwith booking

Use this Eatwith referral code for a discount on your first food adventures. Eatwith is for travelers and locals, join the community now and book your first eatwith experience with this referral code: 6E7ADB15.

EatWith London referral code £10 credit – eatwith UK

Use the Eatwith referral code discount 6E7ADB15 at checkout to save £10 on your first Eatwith experience. Valid on a first booking over £80

EatWith London referral code discount for £10 off
EatWith London referral code discount for £10 off

Eatwith is a mix of a dinner with strangers app, a social dining app to eat with a local or with a start chef.

Create your profile on Eatwith and use the code 6E7ADB15 at checkout to save £10 on your first Eatwith experience!


EatWith, how to refer a friend?
You can find your EatWith referral code in your account at

Other EatWith promo code and discount offer

The referral offer is the best discount at the moment in London.

Eatwith app reviews – UK

Check all the EatWith in London

Each dinner experience or cooking class got reviews from users. New experiences can have discounted prices. It’s always about food, it can be a dinner, a cooking class and dinner, or a food walk tour, etc.

Where is Eatwith available?
Eatwith is available in a lot of big cities. Paris, Lisbon, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, etc. Check on the website with the search bar to see what’s in your city.

EatWith, how does it work?
Choose the destination, then book once you made your choice, and finally go enjoy your food experience.

EatWith food experiences, what are they?

  • Meals “Our host will welcome you into their home and share with you their food, their stories, their culture”
  • Cooking Class “a 2-3 hours culinary experience where you will learn how to prepare typical dishes with local foods and get all the secret tips from your Eatwith host”
  • Food Tours “a tour of your hosts favorite foodie hotspots which might include gourmet shops, local markets, artisanal stalls and other special places”

That’s all happy food tasting, use your referral credit on any Eatwith experience, share your own eatwith code in the comments.

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