First time offers and referrals, use the web in a smart way

The MacGyver guide to buy anything online

You can get everything you buy at a better price online. The golden rule is to never buy full price.

Small savings + small savings + small savings […] = BIG SAVINGS

How to buy anything online with a discount

Simple rules to follow when you buy online

Rule 1: first purchases order often come with the best welcome deal if you look for it (£10 off on Bloom and Wild, £15 on, £10 off at My Bag, £20 at urban massage, 30% off at MyProtein, etc…)
Before registering to any website, check first referral invite or first order offers in google “brand name + referral code”.
If there are referral offers, ask your friends or ask google.
If not, check for “website name + code discount”

Rule 2: Combine a gift card and cashback offers. Cashback is based on sponsored links to give you a part of the money back after your purchases.

Rule 3: Enjoy and apply as often as you can

The best place to do saving is travel products, hotels, etc. but this can be applied to nearly everything.

Example 1: I want to buy tickets for a gig.

I want 2 tickets for Black Eyes Peas in London in October.
I can find tickets on Ticketmaster or See tickets. Tickets are £100 + £21 for fees and shipping on the first website, and £118.20 + £3 on the second.

How can I get a cheaper price?

Basic always check referral coupon code in Google, both platforms don’t have referral invite and code coupons are not fitting my purchase this time. What else?

1) Firstly, let’s see if I can get a gift card to pay on those websites with Boom25

See tickets is not successful, all cards are gone for now. However, you can buy a Ticketmaster gift card to use with a chance to get 33% of your money back with Boom25

It’s an instant process so I receive the e-gift card directly in my account ready to use.

2) Cashback

I used chrome to do my initial ticket research so I will use a second browser, for instance, Firefox to got to Topcashback to use their link to go order and get an extra few £. For new Topcashback users get £7.5 bonus. It’s at 1.5% today.

Through the link, I booked my tickets using the gift card.

Tickets booked, that’s £3+£1.5 = £4.5 saved for existing users, that’s the price of one booze in London. However, if you are new user on both Zeek and Topcashback that’s £8 + £1.5 + £7.5 so a total saved of £17, not bad right?

Example 2: I want to buy a cosmetic product

I am looking to buy a product named Dermalogica Active Moist. I already ordered before on Zest beauty. So I can look for another offer on Look Fantastic.
£5 off on a first-order with the code + 5% Cashback or 12% for new users* (date of today numbers)

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