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Gett Taxi app promo code GTFQEPQ for £15 off your next rides – UK

Agencies tend to use Gett for their clients and employee because of the quality of the service. That’s not your bad Uber driver. Get Gett and use it for your personal trip too. Gett promo code for £15 off your next rides. They are available in the UK, US, Russia, and Israel.

Gett discount code April 2024, Gett refer a friend offer – UK

You can download the Gett taxi app (previously GetTaxi) from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Get up to £15 off your next ride with the Gett referral code GTFQEPQ (new coupon code from December 2022)

*New customers only, enter the code before your first ride

With Gett you can plan your London airport transfers, book in advance.

Gett referral code GTFQEPQ (new code) – refer a friend 2024

Why the Gett app is great?

  • Highest rated UK taxi app, highest average monthly Apple review scores 2018, 2019 (App Annie)
  • Fastest door to door. Arrive 3 minutes quicker than Uber (*Loudhouse 2017)
  • Carbon-Neutral Rides. Don’t just cab it, offset it.
  • Press a button. Doorstep pickup. The smart way to order a black cab.
  • Book for now or later. Gett a black cab asap or pre-book in advance.
  • Ride for free. Share the Gett app with your friends and earn free rides.

Hi, hail a ride with Gett, the best Taxi app. Download the app: for up to £15 off your next rides

Gett in London

Gett was more for business originally. Nice cars, good drivers. The service quality is better than most.

However, if you live in London, you will find lots of other taxi companies, from Bolt to Freenow, and the old Uber as well. Each of them offers a “share to a friend offer” to give people some discount or credits on their first rides. With Freenow code from a friend your get a discount of £4 on your first ride. Bolt gives you £10 for your first ride. Uber now only gives you £3. Most of those will do special discounts from time to time. Keep an eye on it. And enjoy all the bonuses you can.

Here is an interesting article about Gett prices during the day. To be more specific, it’s how prices are calculated.

Happy taxi ride all. Feel free to share your Gett referral code in a comment.

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