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Smol: Free trial 9 capsule – only pay £1 for P&P (laundry or dishwash)

“Laundry capsules. posted. big performance. smol price.” That’s how the new laundry capsule Smol present them. They are a delivering you your Smol trial for £1.

Smol trial 9 laundry capsule for £1

Start with 9 free washes. Just cover the £1 for postage.

Smol is posted to you regularly so you never need to buy and carry heavy boxes or bottles of detergent home from the supermarket again.
1) Click the link to their website
2) Sign up for the free trial from that page

How it works

Our 24 capsule pack costs just £3.85. Tell us how often you put a wash on and we will regularly deliver what you need.

Running out fast? Not washing so often? Cancel or pause at any time, or modify your order using your login.

Can I just do the trial?

Yes, cancel your subscription after the free trial and you won’t be charged for an ongoing subscription.

About Smol

They claim to be the most effective concentrated capsules in the world, and are up to 50% cheaper too… definitely worth a try.

Take a look at the reviews, everyone seems to be raving about them.

Smol laundry capsule
Smol laundry capsule trial offer

Check their free trial for dishwasher tablets

Same deal. Start with 9 free washes. Just cover the £1 for postage.

Our 28 tablet pack costs just £4.20. Tell us how often you put your dishwasher on and we will regularly deliver what you need.

If you want some dry cleaning check the promo code for I hate ironing (£10 discount).

More free product (shipping fee only)
Pasta Evangelist, free pasta box (pay delivery fee), Free T-shirt (£1.99 P&P only), Curve card promo code (100% free + promo code £5 bonus)

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