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Daymade referral code promo: 2 free weeks of DAYMADE Premium

Use the Daymade promo code H6QGSPZYH at checkout to get your first 2 weeks of DAYMADE Premium for free! Do you want to spice up your week and plants trees while winning prizes? Join today with this Daymade code.

Daymade promo code 2024 – H6QGSPZYH for 2 free weeks of Premium – UK

How to get a Daymade code for my first entry?

Register to daymade with this referral promo code

Important: The invitee visited the Site using the inviter’s referral link prior to registering a DAYMADE account for the first time.

Daymade promo code 2022 - H6QGSPZYH for 2 free weeks of Premium
Daymade promo code 2022 – H6QGSPZYH for 2 free weeks of Premium

You have been referred by Denis. Use code H6QGSPZYH at checkout to get your first 2 weeks of DAYMADE Premium for free!

Daymade referral code 2024 – terms and conditions:

DAYMADE may make available from time to time reward schemes for customers that successfully invite other customers to play. Where such a reward scheme involves awarding discounts to the inviter, invitee, or both, the reward will be subject to the following requirements:

  1. The inviter must be a registered customer with a valid DAYMADE account.
  2. The invitee visited the Site using the inviter’s referral link prior to registering a DAYMADE account for the first time.
  3. The invitee had not previously visited the Site using another customer’s referral link.

If the above requirements are met, then the reward to the inviter, invitee, or both will be attributed to their account within five working days.

Discounts awarded to customers for referrals have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash under any circumstances.

DAYMADE reserves the right to remove, amend or otherwise alter any referral reward schemes at any time and without notice.

Where it is found that a referral reward scheme is being abused through the use of multiple accounts for the same individual, or any other means, then DAYMADE reserves the right at its sole discretion to close the accounts of the offenders and revoke any entries awarded.

Daymade how to refer a friend

Give £6 to your friends

Invite your friends to 2 free weeks of DAYMADE Premium

Get £6 worth of DAYMADE tokens to spend on free entries, prizes and more *

* Tokens paid out after the free 2-week trial ends, and player subscription renews for the 3rd week.

If your friend signs up for a free subscription instead, you’ll still get 1 free DAYMADE token.

The good action behind this lottery
For every purchase you make, Daymade will plant a tree in your name with Eden Reforestation Projects.

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Daymade review

Daymade odds are better than other lotteries. You can see all the daymade prizes at

You can check Daymade reviews on Truspilot.

It’s mostly positive from winners, but not everyone will share a review online, obviously. After digging a bit, the negative comments are mostly about the recent change in the odds recently.

Extracts from Daymade reviews posted to Trustpilot

“It’s OK. I’ve won two small prizes in a few months. The selections are better with higher value prizes. I chose a £10 pot plant prize and what arrived was 10 cm tall. I like that they plant trees.”

“It was fun to start with, then they changed the odds and added bonus balls, etc and now it seems almost impossible to win anything more than tokens to be used on their site. They also took away all the raffles and made one raffle for £10 a ticket that doesn’t even have a draw date. It was way better when it was the original TripHunters. I won some great £25 prizes (at least 5 times) but they were won with the old system so I don’t think it’s fair to factor them into the stars I’m giving for DayMade. For the price of entry it’s really not worth it anymore. A bit disappointing actually.”

What about the odds changes then

It turns out the changes are helping people to get a small prize (under £2000) rather than large prizes.

With our new prize table, the odds of winning our £25 is up by 67% and the odds of winning a holiday/getaway is up by 29%.

The £300 and £2000 tier have 29% better odds of winning.

You are right in saying that the £10,000 and £25,000 tiers have 5% worse odds of winning. This is a compromise for better odds in the mid-tiers and has also been surveyed to our users.

Furthermore, you can read more on this specific Daymade review team answer on Trustpilot at

Hey, hit my referral link below to enter the DAYMADE prize draw. Every Friday at 5pm, you can win 200+ prizes ranging from holidays, home and beauty products, and even your favourite tech. They work with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant a tree with every purchase made on the site. By using this link, you’ll get 2 free weeks of DAYMADE Premium. Don’t fancy paying? They have free-to-play options too!

Daymade FAQ

What is Daymade?

DAYMADE is a prize platform where players can win prizes (at-home prize, all-inclusive holidays and local experiences) while supporting the good cause of planting trees.

Is Daymade legit?

Yes, they are a small business based in London. (50 arlington avenue, unit 1 (gf), N1 7AY, London, United Kingdom).

How to cancel your Daymade subscription?

If you wish to close your account, this can be very easily done from ‘My Account’. Simply go to ‘My Account’ > ‘Manage Subscription’ > ‘Cancel Subscription’. You can cancel anytime. If you struggle with this, feel free to send Daymade an email ( and they will do it for you within 1 working day.

Happy raffles playing, good luck and feel free to share your own Daymade promo code in the comments.

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