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Giffgaff referral code invite, your free SIM + £5 extra credit

Giffgaff free SIM card + £5 extra credit when you receive and activate your SIM. Giffgaff is the easiest way to get a SIM when you get in the UK. Not contract, cheap price, you can order from anywhere in the world, perfect to travel.

Giffgaff invite – refer a friend offer

Order your free giffgaff SIM card through this page to get £5 extra credit when you activate your SIM.

Giffgaff SIM card delivery

1 SIMFirst class3-5 business days in Europe or from
5 business days for the rest of the world
Giffgaff referral code £5 credits - refer a friend invite

Giffgaff referral code £5 credits – refer a friend invite

You can do a pay as you go, adding the wished amount you like or you have what they call “goodybags”.

From 09/05/19 the £5 goodybag will become a £6 goodybag. For that extra £1, we’re doubling your minutes from 150 to 300.

Also, the £7.50 goodybag will now cost £8. For that extra 50p, we’re doubling the minutes from 250 to 500.

Why choose giffgaff?

  1. Change or cancel your plan anytime.
  2. You buy goodybag from £5 to £25 for unlimited data, minutes and texts
  3. Top up when needed if you run out

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