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DIBZ Football Bingo: 2 free tickets every week for a shot at winning £10

Try Football Bingo without risking any money. DIBZ app that combines the beautiful game with the thrill of bingo. Each ticket costs £2, but the good news is you get two free weekly tokens to try your luck without spending a dime!

DIBZ: Where Football Meets Bingo [UK DIBZ app]

Imagine this: You’ve got the big game on, but you want more than just cheering on your team. DIBZ lets you experience the match in a whole new way. Instead of simply watching the action unfold, you can become an active participant with Football Bingo.

Here’s how DIBZ works [for 18+ only]

  • Download the DIBZ app and sign up for free.
  • Browse upcoming matches and select the ones you want to play.
  • DIBZ offers pre-made bingo tickets with squares containing various football events. These could be anything from goals and corners to specific players having a shot on target.
  • Each ticket costs £2, but the good news is you get two free weekly tokens to try your luck without spending a dime!
  • As you watch the match, tick off the events that happen on your bingo ticket. The more events you mark off, the closer you get to a win!
  • If you complete the entire bingo ticket (get all the events marked off), you win the cash prize for that ticket. It’s that simple!

Let’s play Football Bingo together on DIBZ. Every week, there are free tickets up for grabs for a shot at winning £10!

DIBZ football bingo – what to know

Tokens can be used on “Free Tickets”. Free tickets are identified with ‘Free’ instead of a stake amount listed on the ticket and at checkout. 

Tokens will expire 23:59 on Sunday each week, they do not rollover.

Once you win with a free token, you have to deposit £2 before you can withdraw your winnings. Once your card is verified, you can withdraw the £2 plus winnings. Users recommend you use banks like Monzo or Revolut.

For each person you successfully refer to DIBZ you will be awarded 2 Free Tokens. 

Read the full terms at

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DIBZ football app review 2024

DIBZ offers a unique way to engage with football. It adds an extra layer of fun and anticipation to watching the game.

Is DIBZ football bingo legit?
Short answer: Yes. For customers in the United Kingdom, PPB Counterparty Services Limited is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 39439.

Why to love the app?

Here’s what makes DIBZ a great choice.

  • Free to Play: With weekly free tokens, you can try Football Bingo without risking any money.
  • Simple and Easy to Use: The app is user-friendly, and the bingo format makes it easy to understand and play.
  • Multiple Matches and Ticket Options: Choose from various matches and pick the tickets that suit your preferences.
  • Boost Your Football Knowledge: As you play, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of different football events and stats.

Is DIBZ football Right for You?

If you’re a football fan looking for a new way to experience the game, DIBZ is definitely worth checking out. It’s a fun and social activity, perfect for playing with friends or adding some extra excitement to your solo viewing experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the DIBZ app, grab your free tokens, and get ready to experience football like never before! Remember, always gamble responsibly.

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