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Popcorn time solve “The video could not be loaded”

In popcorn time, you might experience sometimes “The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported”.

iTunes, how to upload movies to watch on your iPad, iPhone, Ipod, Apple TV

You ever read the “Movie was not copied… because it cannot be played on this iPad” error message, here is the fix to watch all your movies and videos on your devices. 

Popcorn time app adjust the subtitles, fix delays, synchronise subtitles

Subtitles in popcorn time aren’t always sync properly, you can increase or decrease the subtitles offset to fix the time gap between the subtitles and the movie/series.

Popcorn time video pausing, resolve playback freezing

Just a little tip for people who have problem while watching a tv series or a movie on popcorn time.

Free temporary e-mail address, no registration

Get a temporary free email without registration to any service. Avoid spam, just enough to activate a link.

How to find out when pre-sale and on sale tickets are released – UK

Find pre-sale date for the next big music gigs and tour.

Screen reader, listen instead of reading – Acapela box

At work or at home multi tasking you can’t always read, but you can listen. Using a screen reader can be a good way to keep up with infos, or any kind of content.

Website for free Mac OS app

A few useful websites listing where to get softwares and app for Mac OS X. Those are application sharing sites. There you are free to download any application you want to download, without a charge.

Check short urls before to open them – security tip

Link from bitly, tiny.cc, gg.gg, etc can be suspicious and redirect you to bad content. Here is a tool to check the page before to open it

Upload photo on Instagram from the web browser

The easiest way to upload is from you phone, but there is also web tool to allow you to upload photos to your Instagram account from the web. In fact you don’t need a smartphone to have an Instagram account. Manage an Instagram account without using a smartphone Have a look at Gramblr Gramblr is a desktop