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Popcorn time solve “The video could not be loaded”

In popcorn time, you might experience sometimes “The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported”.

Or if you see this message “The video playback encountered an issue. Please try an external player like VLC to view this content.”

This mean the player can’t read the video but your laptop can read it if you play the video with an other player type Quicktime or VLC.

On PC, you can go to settings, check the show advanced settings box, scroll down to cache directory and press the line and the cache folder will pop up. You will find your video file there.

With Terminal / command line

If you are familiar with terminal, open Terminal.app and enter the following command:
open $TMPDIR/

If you use Butter check the Butter folder, otherwise check in Popcorn Time folder, you should find a subfolder with a strange name (for instance “bd879313be79eeceba645a47ce60dd23f91e6b4a”) where your .mp4 video is present.

open $TMPDIR/Popcorn-Time OR
open $TMPDIR/Butter

You can now watch the video downloaded.


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