3 websites to listen online music playlist

The best free music playlists website accessible from your browser. Discover my favorites websites to listen to music playlists online.

Online music playlist

Listen to online music playlists for free

Where to find online music playlist


An infinity pool of summer sounds w/ 80’s VHS visuals! Swimwear optional


Listen to playlist according to your mood, feeling chilling, happy, sad, energetic and more more, choose your mood, clic the play button and listen to music playlists matching your feeling at the time.
– http://www.stereomood.com


Listen to the best playlist or the 22 tracks from different cities: Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Paris. The top 22 of each city is updated everyday. You can also create your own 22 top tracks with an account (Facebook, Twitter or Google account). Enjoy all kind of top tracks classified by categories.
– http://22tracks.com

Autosurf, get free traffic to your webpage with using autosurfs

Autosurfs are a simple way to get traffic to your website. It is a way to exchange visite. You open a page which will reload herself alone every x seconds showing different websites of other users. Every website view give you some kind of “credits” you can then allocate to your different urls where you want to receive visitors. It’s an exchange system for the

Keyboard and hand - autosurf

Get visitors for your website using autosurfs

How to get free traffic exchange with autosurf

Simply register on autosurf websites for free. In general, you will get a few free credits you can use immediately. Add the urls you want to promote. And get more credits using the surfpage.

It works with a ratio. A ratio 1:1 means for one visite you make you will receive one visitor to your page too. So 1:05 means you will need to see two webpages to get one visite.

This ratio sometimes depends on the timer of the page you visit. You need to stay a few seconds on the page. Minimum is about 10-15 seconds and it can go up to 1 minutes.

Autosurfs generally have a referral system so you can get even more visits to your pages.

List of free autosurf websites

This list is not exhaustive but they are the good one.

LinkTimerRateRefferalNice about it
FEELINGSURF10s0.620%Unique visitor a day. Max visits per hour (french and english)
EASYHITS4U15s to 40s0.7 – 110%Visit times per day, day of the weeks, geo targeting
10KHITSvariablevariable40%10 000 pts offer when you register
WEBSYNDIC15s200 free credits, choose a max by hour, banner, text
TWISTRIX5s to 60s0.610% 250 free minutes when you register. Hits per hour, geo targeting, anonym traffic, with/without sound


List of depreciated autosurfs:

  • https://hitleap.com – windows only software, don’t pay
  • http://www.smileytraffic.com – not profesional
Top cashback, save money every time you buy online

Online cashback, what is it?

Online cashback is a tracking link system which allow you to get back a part of the money you spent on your online purchases. Thanks to advertising commission the website receive when you do your purchases, you get a part of it back on your account as ‘online cashback’ which is shown in pounds and pence.

>> Start using top cashback now + get the refer a friend invite bonus 

It’s entirely FREE to join. There is no minimum payment threshold, over 4,000 merchantsfree payout via Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificate, a Love2shop High Street Shopping Card, Tesco Clubcard Points, BACS, Paypal.

Bonus payment on gift cards. They have a good customer service.

This website got some awards and quality testimonials in the press (Telegraph, Daily Express, The Times, Daily Mirror and more), check it out!

top cash back invite for gift card - refer a friend code

Top cash back invite for gift card – refer a friend code

How does it work?

Step 1: Any time you want to shop online for goods, or sign up to a product or service, simply log into your TopCashback account first.

Step 2: Use our retailer directory search box to find the online store you want. We have over 4,000 listed and are adding more and more each day.

Step 3: When you have found your chosen store, click through to it using the special link on TopCashback.com, then shop as you normally would. If the online store or product provider you’re looking for isn’t listed in our retailer directory, please contact us and let us know. We’ll try our best to get them added for you to shop at in the future.

Step 4: Once you’ve completed your purchase, special tracking information will be passed to the retailer. This will let it report back to us how much cashback you have earned, which we will keep a record of in your account earnings page.

Why to use online cashback?

It’s free, basic and it saves you money. Also, it suggests you voucher codes for your preferred merchants when available.

TopCahsback is a website we can trust. You will find nearly all merchants you need there. If you have lots of small expenses or some big one, try online cashback now!

I use online cashback professionally, for expenses, trains, insurances for my assets. And in my personal life obviously: holidays and hotels, travel insurance, train tickets, all sorts of small items…

I personally got a bit more than £50 cashback for this year, I had Amazon gift certificates and got a 5% bonus on the top.

You rarely buy anything online?
Then check Boom25, it’s a different cashback get a full refund or nothing.