Deliveroo job, £50 referral when you apply online – code

You want to apply to Deliveroo job? Use a referral code for a £50 bonus, paid once you finish your first 20 drops

When working for Deliveroo you will be:

  • Self-employed and free to work to your own availability.
  • Working in a small area.
  • Getting a great rider app (for iOS and Android) so you can manage your own orders.
  • Free from dealing with cash (apart from tips – which you keep, of course!)
  • Using high-quality gear and equipment – like phone holders, protective clothing, helmets & lights.
  • You’ll receive competitive fees of up to £16 per hour, depending on location.


What you need to join Deliveroo

  1. First of all, a bicycle or scooter/motorbike (with relevant safety equipment)
  2. A Smartphone – iPhone 4s or above or Android 4.3 or above
  3. and the right to work in the UK


Enter the code “ST34840” MA66542 or GE52329 or see codes in comments during your application process online at

T&Cs apply. Paid after 20 orders.





Moreover, depending on your work time and location, you might receive text message like:

Between 15.00-22.00 across London:
Get an extra £10 when you complete 5 deliveries!
OR Get an extra £15 when you complete 12 deliveries!
OR Get an extra £30 when you complete 20 deliveries!
Log in early and stay late for the best chance to maximise your fees!



Good luck with you new Deliveroo job aventure! Wishing you the best.


Save Wild Tigers – the kitty

Watch Some Cat Videos, Save A Tiger

The world’s only online channel where you can watch cat videos to save wild tigers from extinction.

Visit THE KITTY at

People can also help by uploading their own cat videos to the nonprofit’s website, called The Kitty, so that the ad revenue can go directly to a tiger fund.

To learn more about wild tigers visit


“Cat videos are the online phenomenon of our time, with over 35 billion views to date and counting,” says Simon Clinton, founder of Save Wild Tigers. “We’re obsessed with them. When you put this number beside the number of tigers left in the wild, a mere 3,200, we thought it was an alarming reflection on where our priorities lie.”