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Skrill referral code £10 off for your first international money transfer

According to Monito who compared 24 providers. Skrill is the current cheapest option for a 1,000 GBP-EUR transfer*

Skrill referral code – refer a friend and earn 2020

Use Skrill to send money to friends and relatives, pay and play online or make quick and easy international payments to merchants. Open an account: Skrill £10 discount for a transfer of £100 or more.

Skrill FREE International Money Transfers

No transfer fee. No hidden fee. No fee at all.

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  1. I had used this below link to transfer money from UK to India. It had worked perfectly. when I had transferred 100 pound I got 10 pounds off…You can use below link to sign and get 10 pounds off on your first transfer…thanks for sharing the information in this page guys……

  2. Devashish Sharma says:

    Awesome experience with Skrill. Money got transferred within minutes, even faster than transferring domestic inter bank transactions.


    GET £10 OFF straight away when you send £100 or more.

    I sent money abroad for free with Skrill Money Transfer! Try it out with my referral code DEVASHISHS12 and get £10 OFF when you send £100 or more from United Kingdom to any other country.

    Link :

  3. Hi Raju used ur below link today. I had used your code I got 10 pounds off……

  4. Md Golam Rassel Lincoln says:

    Skrill Promo code 15 euro and free money transfer……use promo code ………mdgolamrassell11

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