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Revolut referral code £15 – refer a friend 2020

Revolut the card multi-currency to travel the world without paying conversion rate. Their rate is excellent, close to Get your free personal Revolut card and this limited time bonus of £10 with a referral invite link. Update: after a bonus amount from 10 to 15, it’s now only 5!

Revolut refer a friend offer: get £15/€15 £5/€5 bonus

• Click this link to request a FREE Revolut card. Once your card received, do a first card payment to get £5 bonus credited on your Revolut account.
New link: valid for 21 days – until January 18th 2021

This link above is the unique working link. Others will only give you a free Revolut card but no £ bonus. If you have a valid referral link with a 21 days bonus, share it in the comments for others to use with the end date of the offer, please. Thank you :)

Those referrals are a temporary promotion valid for 21 days only. Offer to refer friends is allocated to Revolut user randomly and can’t be requested. That means only a selected number of users have the possibility to invite users and give them a bonus for a limited time.
The normal “Revolut invite a friend offer” only gives the referee a free Revolut card order outside this 21 days promotion.

If you have a valid referral link for free card + money, get in touch!

TIP: Add your Revolut on Curve, add extra protection, cashback and get a £5 bonus when you register too.
– Free Card + 5 GBP Bonus
– More security on all transactions
– Carry only one card for your all

Revolut code £10 bonus after your first card payment completed - refer a friend 2019
Revolut code £10 bonus after your first card payment completed – refer a friend 2019

Why is Revolut so great?

  • All online on the app, open an account quickly and receive your card anywhere in the world.
  • Good card security (location-based security, swipe payments, contactless payments, ATM withdrawals, online transaction)

My personal review of Revolut

Revolut is the card I use abroad. The currency exchange with no fee. I never go to a bureau de change, so far I never had any issue with the card. Once in South America, it was not accepted in a shop (card declined) so I went to withdraw cash to pay what I needed.

I like the fact I can freeze the card if I don’t use it or block it directly in the app if I lose it. I often deactivate the contactless and swipe for more security.

Holding different currencies helps when the pound sterling drops. The money I have in my euros tab stays and doesn’t get devalued.

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