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Relish broadband in London – review and £20 amazon gift card invite

Relish broadband is an easy way to access broadband in London and in Swindon. Relish broadband present themselves as “broadband is fast, unlimited and quick to install”. The nice thing about this broadband is you don’t need to have or pay a landline to enjoy the internet. They have flexible contracts (monthly or yearly).

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Update April 2019 = referral suspended for now

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Referral code rules

“If you cancel your order, you won’t receive any reward. But we’re sure this won’t be the case, if all goes well, we’ll email you again in thirty-five days to send you a £20 Gift Card. Happy days.”


Relish broadband review

It’s fairly simple compared to any other internet provider (and cheaper, £22 per month). Just check your postcode, order and enjoy as they say.

I have been reading a lot about them before to join. They have some top reviews and some really bad ones too. It’s kind of confusing, but I decided to give it a go. People only write a review when they are unhappy. The idea of the service is really great. You only have to plug the box and that’s it. No landline required, no wait.

My own experience with Relish

As said, I read some bad customer service review online. So before to order online, I called to ask if I can receive the box at old my address (current at the time) before to move to my new address so I can just carry the box plug it and have internet without waiting to receive the box. They said it’s completely fine, the lady on the phone was nice. I also asked and got confirmation about the 14 days free cancellation policy. So it is enough time to judge the quality of the service.

The internet box delivery

I ordered it online on a Friday afternoon for a Monday delivery (they have free next day delivery if you order before 4 pm – Friday gets you a Monday delivery). I received my confirmation email a text message with a link in case I am not in that day. Delivery by DPD is 7 am to 5 pm. I was at home and the delivery went well without troubles.

For me so far it’s ok. Don’t get me wrong it will never be as good a fiber. But if you are in central London and respect the advice from them (put the box near a window ideally) you should be ok too.


The selling point for me here was the monthly contract. Knowing I can cancel. I had a 6 months minimum lease so if I need to leave after I am not stuck with the classic 18 months broadband contract offered by other internet providers. And I must say the price is good too. So it’s a balance. I can’t say the broadband speed is amazing but as long as it works ok for that price and flexibility I am happy.

If you order with Relishbroadband, get a £20 Amazon voucher. And please comment with your name so other people can get a voucher thanks to you.


Edit: about 3 months after registering

The service is still working fine for me.

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