How to meet new people, where to make new friends in a (new) city

How to meet new people? It’s sometimes a question we think all about. If you ask one of your friend, he will tell you, just go out! Yes… sure, it’s a start but not always easy. Some people are really good at meeting new people, some other are less.

So where to meet people?

Working place? Yeah it works at works at the beginning, but after a while you tend to know everyone there and you need to meet new people.

I heard many people saying bars and clubs are good way to meet new people. I personally don’t think a club will be good. A bar is nice but you will usually stay with your group friends specially if you are the kind of shy type of person.

Gigs and festival is a better place as we already know you share some music taste, it can be the start of a conversation and you can discover new music from each other.

Wait a minute, that’s cool but what if I am alone?

Well what stop you to go somewhere alone? Ok, I can understand.

I am not always very confident or in the mood to be social. But I discover a some events where people you will meet are social and are up to meet other people.

I know two good websites to find those kind of events. and you can definitely attends to those events alone as it’s what people do. Give it a try!

Meet new people in your city, check Meetup

Meet new people and make friends doing activities you like list all kind of event, there groups of people who like specific activities and you can join to groups and go to their events. Often for free or sometimes for a small amount of money, that’s all depends of the groups and activities, etc…

There are groups for so many topics, from language exchange, to some sport group, to a walking and exploring the city groups, photograph groups, the cinema lovers, artists, reader, pub lovers, food lovers, have a look it’s free. Just select your city and check the listing by date, see if anything interest you and go have a good time and meet new people there. The rest will follow.

You travel and you are new in a city? Look at Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing. Events for travelers

Couchsurfing is more particular. It is a service that connects members to a global community of travelers. The idea is to use Couchsurfing to find a place to stay or share your home and hometown with travelers.

However, couchsurfers organize regular events in 100,000 cities around the world. There’s always something to do and new friends to meet.

I met lots of people travelling alone and making new friends really quickly.


Discover new music online

Find and discover new music on Oh my track, the social music website. This unknown website is a great little piece on the web. It’s a platform where users share there favorite musics on the homepage creating a trend music playlist.

The idea, a website for music lovers

It allows users to find and discover new music. The homepage is a sharing wall where you find post from the community. You can then follow publisher you like (people with the same music taste), create playlists, comment on songs, etc.

You can do search by artist, album and tracks.

There is an explore music section with a list of categories.

Please note, to create playlist comment and use the full features of the website, you will need to do a quick registration, via Facebook or email.
After that you can also change colors, receive notifications, etc.

For music lovers.

For music lovers.

Free, legal and no advertisement

Oh my tracks use two free and open source API, the one from last FM to search songs, artist and the Youtube API to play musics.

You can use the website without registering.

I am really bad with music, this website made a bit of my musical education, free and no pub, love it!

Check it out


Top cashback, save money every time you buy online

Online cashback, what is it?

Online cashback is a tracking link system which allow you to get back a part of the money you spent on your online purchases. Thanks to advertising commission the website receive when you do your purchases, you get a part of it back on your account as ‘online cashback’ which is shown in pounds and pence.

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Bonus payment on gift cards. They have a good customer service.

This website got some awards and quality testimonials in the press (Telegraph, Daily Express, The Times, Daily Mirror and more), check it out!

top cash back invite for gift card - refer a friend code

Top cash back invite for gift card – refer a friend code

How does it work?

Step 1: Any time you want to shop online for goods, or sign up to a product or service, simply log into your TopCashback account first.

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Step 4: Once you’ve completed your purchase, special tracking information will be passed to the retailer. This will let it report back to us how much cashback you have earned, which we will keep a record of in your account earnings page.

Why to use online cashback?

It’s free, basic and it saves you money. Also, it suggests you voucher codes for your preferred merchants when available.

TopCahsback is a website we can trust. You will find nearly all merchants you need there. If you have lots of small expenses or some big one, try online cashback now!

I use online cashback professionally, for expenses, trains, insurances for my assets. And in my personal life obviously: holidays and hotels, travel insurance, train tickets, all sorts of small items…

I personally got a bit more than £50 cashback for this year, I had Amazon gift certificates and got a 5% bonus on the top.

You rarely buy anything online?
Then check Boom25, it’s a different cashback get a full refund or nothing.