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Monzo referral code, £5 free with this referral link

Monzo is as a bank “designed for your current lifestyle”. Get your Monzo referral code to enjoy £5 bonus
The bank Monzo operates without a branch and offers a full-time checking account and a contactless credit card.  

Monzo referral code, no expiry

Monzo referral invite, once you activate and use your card the first time you will get £5 bonus added on your account.

Monzo referral link for £5 free money

Monzo referral link for £5 free money

Why choosing Monzo?

  • It’s a real bank with all the advantage of it.
  • You can deposit cash funds into your account in a Paypoint shop
  • You can set direct debits (monthly payment for sport, etc.)
  • The savings pot will earn you 1% interest each year, paid monthly in the pot you create.
  • Protected by the Financial Services Compensation Program (FSCS), which means that your money (up to £85,000) is protected in bankruptcy of the bank.
  • Set spending goals for everything from shopping to dining out (and notifications if you go over budget)
  • Whether you have an overdraft, Monzo offers all customers a margin of £20 – which means that you will only start billing when the excess amount is over £20. After that, you will be charged 50 cents a day when you are discovered.

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