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Monzo referral code, £5 free with this referral link 2022

Monzo is a bank “designed for your current lifestyle”. Get your Monzo referral code to enjoy a £5 bonus.
The bank Monzo operates without a branch and offers a full-time checking account and a contactless credit card.  

The Monzo referral invite is back!

Monzo referral code, get £5 when you join – January 2022

Monzo referral invite, once you activate and use your card the first time you will get £5 bonus added on your account.

Our give-£5-get-£5 offer goes live on 17 November 2021. It doesn’t currently have an end date, but we have the right to turn it off or on at any time. We’ll let you know by removing the ability to create new invite links. Invite links you’ve already created will still work for 30 days after you created them.

If you are looking for a bank like Monzo, you might like Monese.

Monzo referral link for £5 free money
Monzo referral link invite for £5 free money

Why choosing Monzo?

  • It’s a real bank with all the advantage of it.
  • You can deposit cash funds into your account in a Paypoint shop
  • You can set direct debits (monthly payment for sport, etc.)
  • The savings pot will earn you 1% interest each year, paid monthly in the pot you create.
  • Protected by the Financial Services Compensation Program (FSCS), which means that your money (up to £85,000) is protected in bankruptcy of the bank.
  • Set spending goals for everything from shopping to dining out (and notifications if you go over budget)
  • Whether you have an overdraft, Monzo offers all customers a margin of £20 – which means that you will only start billing when the excess amount is over £20. After that, you will be charged 50 cents a day when you are discovered.

Still looking for an extra bonus?
You can get £5 when you order your curve card (not another bank, just a card for all your cards, carry one for all). It’s free, add extra shopping security and give you free cashback for 3 months with the free plan, read the article about Curve

You don’t want a new bank card but a card to pay abroad during your travel, then check Revolut (hold different currencies on your card and pay and withdraw cash everywhere in the world without any fees).

Add all your bank card (debit and credit card including your Monzo card) in one single secure debit card. Only carry one card with you, that’s Curve (free account, promo code for £5 bonus + 90 days 1% cashback on 3 retailers of your choice).

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