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How to get Free Netflix with Plutus (Plutus Netflix Perk 2024)

Do you know about the Plutus Netflix perk? The Plutus card is the best alternative to the visa card to get free Netflix, Spotify, or a £10 refund on services like Uber, Deliveroo, Tesco, Sainsbury, Airbnb, Booking, Amazon Prime, Apple One, and many more. They have over 30+ partners and will reimburse up to a certain amount per month.

Plutus referral code: 09E6d1

How to get Netflix for free forever UK

  1. Sign-up for Plutus (Get £10 with my link after you deposit £20)
  2. Deposit your first £20 to order your card (via bank transfer)
  3. Activate your card once you receive it via mail, using the CVV code and the Plutus app
  4. Top-up your Plutus card from your Plutus account.
  5. Go to the Perks tab and select the “current month” perk and “next month” perk.
  6. Set the Plutus card as your perk payment method.
  7. Plutus will reimburse the equivalent of your payment (in PLU tokens) after the transaction has been made.

Plutus UK – the card that refunds your subscriptions

Plutus perks free netflix forever UK
Plutus perks free Netflix forever UK

Once your Plutus account is active, go to perks and select Netflix and set your Plutus card as payment method in your Netflix account. That’s all, at the next payment, Plutus will refund up to £11 in PLU. Please be aware the transaction will be pending and it takes 45 days for the PLU to be available to use.

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Plutus Perks with the FREE plan

Earn 3% crypto reward on every single purchase
Get 1 subscription refunded (choose every month between 20 services, Netflix, Spotify, Prime, Apple tv, etc)

Plutus Referral code, get $10 in PLU with the code 09E6d1 (code valid for UK or European countries)

Plutus referral code PLU bonus
Plutus referral code $10 in PLU bonus

PLU can be exchanged to top up your card to then spend them as any currency (currently paused in the UK at the time of writing)

What is Plutus?

Plutus is a financial platform and payment solution that provides users with the ability to seamlessly buy, sell, and spend cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, using a mobile app and a linked debit card. It aims to bridge the gap between traditional banking systems and the emerging world of cryptocurrencies, making it easier for individuals to integrate digital currencies into their daily lives.

Plutus offers a range of services and benefits to its users. Let’s have a look at some of its key features:

  1. Plutus Debit Card, a visa card
  2. Earn 3% crypto reward on every single purchase
  3. Seamless cryptocurrency spending with a linked debit card
  4. Avoidance of traditional banking fees and high currency exchange fees
  5. Enhanced security measures for protecting user data and funds
  6. User-friendly mobile app for convenient management of cryptocurrencies and transactions
Plutus perk, Netflix subscription
Plutus perk, Netflix subscription
Plutus cashback and perk reward
Plutus cashback and perk reward

Enjoy your free Netflix with Plutus Perk!

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