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Watch french TV abroad online

Most of the french TV channels are blocked abroad, this is due to copyright. This is for live but also replay. However there are solutions to watch french TV from abroad.

How to watch french TV abroad

You can access to a some channel on internet but it doesn’t always work. For instance canal+ is available in UK during non encoded time. Same thing for news on pluzz.fr for public channels.

Firstone TV

This website is the best to see live TV. All TNT channel are available in good quality. Only thing is to turn your ad blocker off.

Replay websites

There is more shows available. Canal +, TF1, France 2, France 3 and M6 news. Lots of documentary from France TV, M6 or Arte are available from their main website.

Pluzz (France TV) is the best website with an “abroad” section listing the content you can see from where you are.

TF1 : http://www.tf1.fr/

France 2, 3, 4, 5, Ô : http://pluzz.francetv.fr/

Canal + : http://www.canalplus.fr/

Arte : http://www.arte.tv/fr

M6, W9, 6ter : http://www.6play.fr/

Set up a VPN

Using a french IP address to be able to see all content. Lots of free ones are slow, paid one is a better solution and you can find some from £3.99 per month on HydeMyAss for instance.(https://www.hidemyass.com/pricing).


Many website offers to watch french TV for free from your laptop. Here are the best websites:








That’s it, hope it help!

Watch French tv abroad

Watch French tv abroad



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