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Talkremit referral code DD36382 for £20 after your first transfer above 100 GBP + free transfer code 3FREE

Get a TalkRemit referral code DD36382 for £20 bonus after your first transfer. Get your first transfer free fee with the coupon code 3FREE at

Disclaimer: This platform has some bad reviews on Trustpilot. has no control of the content of any linked website and is not responsible for these websites or their content or availability.

TalkRemit’s Refer a Friend scheme is currently unavailable

The referral program was a big success and enjoyed by many of our customers. Unfortunately, some transactions went against the terms of the promotion, and in these particular cases, we were not able to offer a referral bonus.

After careful consideration, we decided to withdraw the promotional offer for referrals and discontinue the program, as was our right as stated in our terms & conditions.

Check other money transfer platforms to enjoy a welcome bonus / discount
Worldremit (£20 voucher after your first transfer over £100)
Azimo, £10 discount on your first transfer
CurrencyDirect £50 Amazon voucher
TransferGo referral code for £10 of £100

3 transfer fee-free code 3FREE

Take advantage of the first 3 transfers free offer! All you need to do is use the promo code 3FREE. The code will be valid for each of your next 3 transfers via your TalkRemit account. 
For more details, head to the promo page.

TalkRemit referral code £20 after your first transfer of £100 or more

TalkRemit referral code £20 back after your first transfer with this refer a friend invitation

Or get 25 euros after a first transfer of 125 euros.

Talkremit referral code discount of 20 gbp or 25 euros
Talkremit referral code discount of 20 gbp or 25 euros with the refer a friend program offer

I send money online with TalkRemit. I think you should too. If you join and send 100 GBP we’ll each get a 20.00 GBP voucher. Sign up here

3 steps when you join to get your bonus

  • 1: Click ‘Sign up’ above and use referral code
  • 2: Send 100 GBP or more (this can be done over multiple transfers)
  • 3: Both you and your friend will receive £20 in your bonus wallet

Is TalkRemit a scam?

I got a little suspicious as there is as other money transfer company named WorldRemit, offering the same bonuses of £20 but also the same 3 free transfer with the coupon code 3FREE. So it sounded like a copy. The first thing I did was actually to google “is Talkremit a copy of Worldremit”.

If it’s a scam, it’s a well-planned scam… The website is neat and they are present on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin.

However, they are fairly new and only have negative reviews on Trustpilot. (only one good one but the transfer didn’t go through so it was not a successful transaction). People are mainly complaining about those £20 bonuses.

This said, normally only unhappy users will leave a review on a product. So they end up being bad reviews…

Conclusion: I am biased, but I think it’s legit and it’s just that the platform is still new (from 2020). I will wait a bit more before to use their services.

Also, if you are not convinced, you can look at other services such as TransferGo, Azimo, WorldRemit.

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    This referral scheme is no longer active so I would remove this post so you’re not wasting people’s time

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