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Lumin free trial – Free Luxury Moisturiser Set from Lumin UK

Get your Lumin free trial set. Simply use this Lumin invitation to add a free gift with your trial. Pay postage only, you can cancel at any time. Try Lumin skin care for men for a limited time.

Lumin free trial UK – available for a limited time

Try any of our skincare routine sets for free. See results in just 30 days. Start Free Trial

You will see “You qualify for a free trial set from Lumin.”

You only have to pay postage.

Important information about the Lumin trial

This is a 1-month no-commitment free trial where you only need to cover shipping. You can cancel at any time, but make sure to cancel before the trial ends or you will be sent another 2-month subscription at full price.

Lumin free trial UK - get your Lumin trial skin care based on your personal skin management needs
Lumin free trial UK – get your Lumin trial skincare based on your personal skin management needs

Hey! Have you tried LUMIN skincare yet? Use my Lumin referral link to get a FREE gift included when you place your first order!

Lumin referral invite, free gift on your first order
Lumin referral invite, free gift with your first order

Lumin has good reviews with a 4.1 star rating on Trustpilot

What is the Lumin skincare products range?

Classic, Anti-Fatigue, or Age Management. Each contains premium products that target your skin issues.

Classic Maintenance Bundle

The fundamentals of looking good. Ideal for athletes, skincare beginners, younger guys, and low-maintenance guys.

Anti-Fatigue Essentials Bundle

Stay looking fresh every day of the week with 4 simple essentials. Deeply clean gunk out from your pores, reduce under-eye bags, and look better in just 90 seconds.

Age Management Bundle

Where is Lumin skincare made?

Make sure to keep yourself in your prime. A targeted age recovery program that restores and maintains a manly, vigorous look.

Lumin is a Los Angeles-based skincare start-up. Lumin aims to give men an easy way to properly take care of their skin.

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FAQ Trial

About our free trial

“Lumin offers free trial promotion so you can find out if our products are right for you before you begin a new skincare journey with us! Moreover, we are confident in our premium ingredients and formulations, but recognize that each individual may have a different experience with our products depending on their skin. We offer a variety of product sets through our free trial promotion in hopes to satisfy our new customers’ varying skincare needs and to provide them with glowing results.”

Enjoy your Lumin trial set products.

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