Travel list property invite: 5 commission-free bookings

Become a host on and a get your 5 commission-free bookings. From hoteliers to people that just rent out their apartment part-time, everyone can join, it must be your first property you are registering with

Receive 5 commission-free bookings when you list your property

You can register your property and open to guests in less than 30 days, and then receive their first booking less than 90 days after opening. If both of these requirements are met, you will receive your commission.

Become host booking

Invite for 5 commission-free on

Receive 5 commission-free bookings when you list your property
Receive 5 commission-free bookings when you list your property

Process / FAQ

Any type of property can be listed

Whether your friend has a hotel, B&B, apartment, or any other type of property, they can list in on

Listing is completely free

It doesn’t cost anything to list a property and when your friend signs up using your referral link they will receive an exclusive commission-free trial.

Sign up process is quick and easy

Their registration can be completed in as little as 15 minutes and they control when their property is open to guests.


Accommodation requirements

  1. A Property is considered New to only if it is a completely new record in our system (and not offered before by any other party). No other registrations, existing accounts (regardless of their current status) can exist for a property at the same address.
  2. Past Properties that have been closed due to legal or commercial reasons are excluded from participation.
  3. In order to be eligible for and/or trigger a Reward the New Property must:
    1. be open/bookable (available for taking online reservations on the Platform) within the timeframe outlined in the specific Promotion, but no later than 30 days after sign up
    2. fully comply with the relevant Accommodation Agreement (including applicable General Delivery Terms)
    3. receive at least one reservation [which has resulted in an actual stay] by a non-related (bonafide) Guest within 90 days of becoming Open/Bookable for the first time. The Guest may not be in any way (directly/indirectly) related or connected to the Participant or the Property (including its owner, operator or offeror), e.g. by blood, family, colleague or friendship.
    4. All property sign ups must be started while the campaign is live. Any sign ups that start after the campaign has ended may not be eligible for the reward initially stated.

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