First time offers and referrals, use the web in a smart way referral invite code, up to £40 in cash with this invite referral code gives you up to £40 when you take out a contract, phone or plan online with Three. There are loads of fantastic deals to choose from.

Article last updated November 2020

The of £25 Amazon gift card is now replaced by a cash reward up to £40 depending on the product you get.

Three refer a friend bonus, up to 40 GBP. New promotion 

Use this Three invite link for up to £40, enter your details to get your refer a friend reward once you qualify.

Three refer a friend invite, get up to 40 GBP in cash with this Three referral
Three refer a friend invite, get up to 40 GBP in cash with this Three referral


Up to £80

5G Phones£40
iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12£40
4G Phones£20
SIM Only 24 months£20
SIM Only 12 months£5
Mobile Broadband£20
Old Promotion£25
Categories table

Three coupon code refer a friend terms and conditions

New Three users only.

You can refer products in these categories:

5G Pay Monthly phones
4G Pay Monthly phones
Mobile Broadband (that includes Tablets)
Pay Monthly phone SIMs

How long does it take to receive my Three refer a friend reward?

After you placed their order, it usually takes around 7 weeks for your referral to be confirmed. In some cases, depending on the product, it could take up to 90 days.

How much is the Three refer a friend reward?

We offer different rewards depending on the product you refer.

You prefer Vodafone, same invite deal with them £25 gift Amazon card or with a Giffgaff promo code you get £5 free credits.

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