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Gorillas referral code discount for £20 – UK grocery app for delivery in 10 minutes

Enter this Gorillas referral code “307287” for a discount coupon in 2024. Gorillas are the new delivery service in London, 10 minutes away from your home. No minimum order, just £1.99 for delivery. The Gorillas grocery delivery app delivers fresh groceries and local brands to your door in 10 minutes. Try them now with this invite-a-friend coupon code.

Gorillas code discount “307287” for £20 off your first grocery delivery order over £30. Gorillas referral code April 2024

The bonus is changing up and down regularly. It’s the same for all users.

Get the Gorillas app to get your welcome bonus

Or enter the Gorillas coupon code 307287 in the app in the “Coupons” tab. “Please enter your promo code below.” And then click “Apply promo code” (min order £30 excluding delivery fee or tips)

Other Gorillas app London coupon code April 2024

Quidco £5 new user + £18.75 Gorillas cashback

1) Register with Quidco (free cashback website)
2) Search Gorillas and do you order as normal (don’t use any voucher code)

Quido Gorillas cashback
Quido Gorillas cashback
Quidco cashback for Gorillas
Quidco cashback for Gorillas
Gorillas cashback discount with Quidco
Gorillas cashback discount with Quidco

Gorillas voucher code 2023

Add code* SPRINT20 at checkout for a 20% discount on your next order.
*Min spend is £20, max spend is £100, valid once until 10/04/2022, max 2.1k uses.

Do you have friends in our delivery areas? Refer a friend within the app + you BOTH will receive £15 in your wallet! Happy days!

Other Gorillas UK grocery discount code and coupon

At the moment there is only coupons for new users. Once you used an introductory offer, you can’t reuse the same coupon or another Gorillas grocery delivery coupon code. Sometimes you can get a drink, I saw offers for a free latte or an alcoholic drink with every alcohol order. The latest is a free pack of “Proper Chips Barbecue” with each order. Those change regularly on the app and are limited in stock.
It’s probably also location-based. But a discount with the coupon above is better than a free pack of chips.

Shop local, minimise waste. Carbon neutral delivery with their e-bikes.

Gorillas app FAQ

What is it in two words?
Gorillas is a grocery app.

What is Gorillas delivery – UK?
The concept, Gorillas deliver fresh groceries and local brands to your door in ~10 minutes.

Where does Gorillas is available in the UK?
Gorillas landed in London in 2021, they are “live across London” for now. Stay tuned for more areas opening up.

Where does the Gorillas app come from?
The german delivery startup Gorillas started in Berlin.

Where can I get the Gorillas app?
From the App Store and Google Play, search for Gorillas

Who are the competitors of this new app?
Turkish rapid delivery firm Getir announced its arrival in the UK in January, offering a range of groceries to customers in London zones 1 and 2.

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Gorillas app review – UK

We are familiar with delivery those days… it’s another one but for “the next level grocery shopping”.
Each area is different. For instance, in my area, I have access to brands such as Chestnut Bakery, HG Walter Butchers, Hackney Gelato, and London Fields Brewery.

This is a service meant to be used to get only what you want when you need it. I see this as super useful during the quarantine time. People arriving in London and having to self-isolate can get food without using Amazon fresh or next-day delivery. You get it in a few minutes. It’s quicker than Uber Eats or Deliveroo.

Also, they promote themselves as a sustainable employer saying all their riders are employed on full-time contracts. So that’s better than the weekend Uber guy.

Gorillas UK review: Delivered in 8min for my first order and the give me a welcome gift with a Gorillas branded tote bag, some complimentary fruits with a little card saying thanks for my first order.
Gorillas UK review: Delivered in 8 min for my first order and they give me a welcome gift with a Gorillas branded tote bag, some complimentary fruits with a little card saying thanks for my first order.

Gorillas Groceries in 10 Min UK review update (London experience, May 2021)

I ordered with Gorillas grocery in London 3 times now. The riders were all great so far. Delivered in 8 min, then 7 minutes, and 12 minutes. Obviously, this depends on the user’s location. On my home screen, it says 12 minutes. To be honest, I am very impressed by the delivery speed. I love they always add a little banana to your order, it’s a fun touch. Also, they draw on the bag containing your groceries (or they write something). Some talented people, as I had a smiley gorilla drawn on the bag. Some good marketing tricks to make people talk about them and the app for sure. However, I noticed not all but a few products are more expensive than my local supermarket on the app. But they also have things you won’t find in your local store. I enjoyed some nice craft beers and the Hackney gelato with friends the other day. I will keep using them, it’s so handy when you are not close to a shop and busy, the delivery cost of £1.80 is super low compared to other services.

Feel free to share your own Gorillas referral code in the comments!

Gorillas coupon code 307287 January 2023 – 20 GBP discount promo

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  1. If you are living in Denmark you can’t use the code mention in the post, so feel free to use mine to get 100 DKK for your account.


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