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Xe refer a friend invitation for £25 Amazon gift card

Get a £25 Amazon voucher when you register with XE using this referral link and transfer over £1000 this August 2022. Click the refer a friend invitation to create your account now and get your bonus.

XE referral code invitation UK August 2022 – refer a friend offer for a £25Amazon gift card

Registers to via this personalised XE referral link and transfers over £1,000 (or currency equivalent), you’ll get a £25 Amazon voucher.

xe referral code UK - register with this refer a friend invitation to get 25 GBP in Amazon voucher
xe referral code UK – register with this refer a friend invitation to get 25 GBP in Amazon voucher

Register with XE Money Transfer via this link and when you transfer over £1000, we’ll both get a £25 Gift Voucher

The refer a friend program is available in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia.


How long does the referral voucher take to come?
You should receive your Amazon voucher within 4-5 working days after the completed transfer.

Is it safe to send money through xe?
XE is fully authorised and licensed by the Federal Conduct Authority (FCA) and HMRC in the UK. So yes it is safe to send money with

How do I send money to xe?
Create your account, add the recipient details and send, all of this in a few minutes. You can’t fund transfers with credit or debit card (bank transfers only).

How much does xe money transfer cost?
There are no transfer fees. You only pay for a reasonable margin on the exchange rate and third-party charges.
There is a small fee for low-value transfers.

Xe, what countries and currency are available?
You can do international money transfers to over 130 countries in more than 60 currencies. Check into the website the available options.

How xe compare to other money transfer services?
The competitors are Currency Direct referral offer or the Wise referral code. Wise (ex Transferwise is good for under £4500 GBP). It has 59 countries to 60+ countries worldwide so XE has more options.

XE full Terms and Conditions for our UK based XE Refer a Friend program

XE money review 2022

An excellent score on with over 48000 reviews.
The service is quick, the app is generally well done.
What people are complaining about is mostly they need to upload copies of identity documents. Which makes sense for security.

XE discount and coupon code August 2022

You will rarely find coupons code for XE (except the invite a friend offer to register).
Creating an account is always free. You can set rate alerts in your account for free. There are zero fees on all transfers at all times.

Enjoy this XE referral offer and your little bonus.

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