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Mealpal invite for a first month big discount – London & Manchester

Mealpal is the cheapest way to get food for lunch in central London. Get lunch for under £4.50 from the best restaurants in your city. PLUS – get a £30 gift card when you sign up, get your Mealpal invite now.

Mealpal invite code coupon – no expiry

You can check the website to see what is available

For the deal use this invite: Mealpal invite for discounted meals and skipping the queue 40% discount on your first month

January 29th, 2020
TWO DAYS ONLY: Temporary referral offer, get a £50 Amazon gift card

The Refer-A-Friend bonus applies to new MealPal customers who sign up through a qualified current member’s unique link. The current member (“referee”) will receive an e-gift card via email within approximately 30 days of the conditions being met. To qualify for the £50 e-gift card, the referee must be either i.) an active paying MealPal member on a 30-day cycle and must renew for a subsequent paid 30-day cycle on one of the noted plans; ii.) an active paying flex member who consumes at least 6 meals in the 30 days following the referred member’s sign-up date and who renews for at least one more flex cycle following the current cycle. Additionally, the referred must select the 12 lunch rollover or 16 lunch rollover plan and stay on for an additional 30 day cycle. The referred must join between Janary 29, 2020 – January 31, 2020. Gift card is for Amazon®, a registered trademark of Amazon, Inc. This offer is for the intended recipient of the email and is not transferable. Thanks for participating!

Gift Cards are sent out after your friend completes their second cycle with us.

How Mealpal works

  1. Buy meals in advance with the website or app (12 or 20 meals for 30 days or the flex).
  2. Every weekday / the days you wish, you can choose a meal from 5 pm for the next day. If you wait until the last minute you will have fewer options. I generally pick my lunch in the morning around 10 – 11 am.
  3. You pick up your meal at the restaurant, skip the queue, show your code on your phone, grab your food and enjoy!
Mealpal restaurants map view
Mealpal restaurants map view

It’s so so sooo good if you work in central London like oxford circus / covent garden / farrigdon. Moreover, you have tones of options, no times lost to pay, you go an pick, and lots of money saved as well. It’s not worth cooking if you pay that price.

Mealpal invite code coupon
Mealpal, get lunch under 4.50 GBP and skip the queue in all restaurant (in London and Manchester)

from over 1,000 restaurants

by ordering ahead

on lunch every month

Mealpal review

So much cheaper than normal price, think about the price you normally pay for Honest burger, or Coco di Mama (big), a Poke is normally £8 or more!

They have filters for a light meal or big, veggies options, etc.

Mealpal list of restaurants – April 2019

Click here for a screengrab of the mealpal list – this list is cropped but that gives you an idea. Happy meals.

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