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Completesavings review, is it legit or a scam?

You may be offered the opportunity to sign up for complete savings whilst making a purchase or reservation online. It is worth it? We tell you in this article.

Complete savings cashback: Is It Legit or a Scam?

You might be here because you are doing your due diligence and you saw bad reviews on Trustpilot. Let’s understand why. CompleteSavings is a legit cashback website, but has some caveats you need to be aware of.

What is (or similar website such as

A few cashback websites with different names are based on the same look and have the same group behind them. They offer members the chance to earn cashback on their online purchases. The website has over 1,250 retailers to choose from, and members can earn up to 10% cashback on their purchases. The cashback is capped per month at £250.

completesavings fashion cashback
completesavings fashion cashback

To get started with, you will need to create an account and then link your bank account to the website. Once you have done this, you can start shopping at any of the participating retailers. When you make a purchase, you will need to click through to the retailer’s website from the website. Once you have made your purchase, you will earn cashback that will be transferred to your bank account. also offers a number of other features, such as buying gift cards with a discount.

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Why people think it’s a scam?

Short answer because it costs £15 per month to be a member, and this is until you cancel!

People get mad because they don’t read the rules properly before joining. This platform gives you more than any other cashback website, but it has membership costs £15 per month (debited from your bank account monthly). You get those £15 back if you shop at your “monthly bonus retailer” via the website and upload a screengrab of proof of purchase.

1) They get you in with a welcome reward

I saw the offer on many website like LookFantastic, Moonpig, etc. My retailer is MyProtein as I joined from a popup after shopping on And got the £16.87 welcome reward.

Popup cashback on websites after an order to sing-up for a bonus
Popup cashback on websites after an order to sign-up for £16.87 bonus

The welcome bonus from the banner I clicked to join

This means I need to shop on MyProtein every month if I want my £15 bonus paid. So that balances the £15 fee. (15 bonus -15 fee = 0). However, I can use the cashback platform with 10% on every other purchase, whereas other free cashback platforms might give just 1-3%.

That’s one reason why people might think it’s a scam. They promote the monthly bonus of £15 saying it’s a £180 bonus per year, but they don’t promote as much the platform fee of £15 per month (a total of £180 fee per year).

£180 bonus per year (if you shop and claim it) – £180 platform fee per year (this is taken from your bank account automatically so it won’t be missed!) = 0 in the best case (you get the monthly fee money back) + all the cashback of 10% on your purchases.

Or worst if you don’t shop and submit your receipt you could lose those £15 some month making the platform earn money from you. In reality, it’s just the rules set from the beginning.

2) Then you have to get your monthly bonus manually approved

The monthly bonus
The monthly bonus

Shop from the website to your bonus retailer and upload the proof of purchase. It can be the email or a screengrab of the webpage.

“Please make sure your order confirmation email includes the date of purchase, type of payment used, amount, your name, and address.”

Format: PDF, JPG, PNG, or GIF – Maximum size: 0.5 MB

If the image is too big, you can use or to reduce the size of the file.

completesavings submit your monthly bonus proof
completesavings submit your monthly bonus proof

Important: If you don’t have all the elements on your screenshot, they might refuse your bonus. The delivery address and name need to be your name and address. You can’t send a give to a friend’s name with a different delivery address, for instance.

The reference Webloyalty Sàrl on your bank statement. It doesn’t mention the website name or url.

Personally, every month (early in the month I order some snacks I love on MyProtein) to validate my bonus, and I do other small orders now and then. I might not use the platform forever. This said, after more than 7 months now, I am happy with it. It happened the website was on maintenance a few times, but never for long so I just waited a bit before doing my shopping. I made some very good money back when I bought my new laptop. I use it for everything I can: hotels, trains, flights, electronics, and beauty shopping.

Furthermore, I got £365.40 in 7 months now, compared to £964.59 in roughly 9 years with TopCashback but TopCashback is fully free and give you £10 welcome bonus.

NX rewards website (another completesavings version for National Express)

For National express, you can be offered to join NX Rewards whilst making a purchase or reservation with National Express. Then you have the exact same concept. And you need to shop on National Express every month to get your bonus and submit it.

The homepage has some offers above the 10% cashback.

completesavings website
Complete savings website

My cashback so far in April after a few months of using it.

completesavings cashback cashback

Cancel your membership

You can cancel at any time by calling freephone 0800 389 6960, visiting, via email or clicking here. If you cancel during the first 30 days you will owe nothing. After this period Complete Savings will bill £15 a month to the credit or debit card you provided.

In conclusion, can you trust the platform if you respect the terms

Overall, is an amazing way to save money on your online purchases if you shop online a lot and if you pick the correct monthly bonus retailer where you would buy every month. The website has a wide range of retailers to choose from, and members can earn up to 10% cashback on their purchases.

Free alternative to CompleteSavings

After reading this, I hope you have more clarity to decide if it’s for you or not. You can always try the platform and cancel after your welcome reward is paid.

Or just join a free cashback platform instead:

TopCashback: The best free cashback website in the UK

TopCashback is a cashback website that was founded in 2005. It is one of the largest cashback websites in the world, with over 10 million members. TopCashback partners with over 5,000 retailers, including major brands such as Amazon, eBay, and John Lewis.

When you shop through TopCashback, you can earn cashback on your purchases. The amount of cashback you earn will vary depending on the retailer and the product you are buying. TopCashback typically offers between 1% and 10% cashback, but some retailers offer even higher rates.

To start earning cashback with TopCashback, you will need to create an account (this is my referral invitation) and then click through to the retailer’s website from the TopCashback website. Once you have made your purchase, you will earn cashback that will be credited to your TopCashback account. You can then withdraw your cashback once you have reached a minimum threshold.

TopCashback is a great way to save money on your online shopping. It is free to join and use, and it offers a wide range of retailers to choose from. You can earn cashback on a variety of products, including clothes, electronics, and travel.

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