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Octopus energy refer a friend offer, get £50 off with this UK sign-up bonus

Octopus energy referral code for £50. Use this Octopus energy referral link to register. Octopus entered the market to disrupt the status quo with energy that’s good for the planet, good for your wallet, and, honestly, good for your soul.

Article last updated: July 5, 2021

Octopus energy – refer a friend 50 GBP bonus 2021 – UK

Get a quote and switch online in minutes. No need to fill out paperwork or wait for a call back.

Use this Octopus energy referral invite, after you pay your first bill, 50 GBP will be credited to your octopus energy account.

Remember, the £50 only gets credited to your account if you sign up through this link – If you sign-up through another website you’ll miss out on your £50 credit.

Octopus energy refer a friend offer, get £50 off with this octopus referral code 2021

Octopus energy now supplies energy to over 1.2 million UK homes (and counting). Until now, 92% of customers rate them as 5* Excellent on TrustPilot.

All our tariffs feature 100% renewable electricity and no exit fees.

Octopus Energy can save you money – and it’s better for the environment, too

For business too: Octopus Fixed

Our 12 & 24-month tariffs fix the energy price you’ll pay. Great if you want price certainty for your business. Get your octopus energy quote in minutes.

Related: Pure Planet, Bulb energy and British Gas also offer bonus but regarding the questions of who is the cheapest energy supplier, Octopus Energy are great for the UK.

Octopus Energy special offer: £50 credit for you if you sign-up now.

Expired: Octopus energy joining bonus increase to £100 for 8 days

Octopus referral bonus increased from £50 to £100 for 8 days only, until October 15th 2020.

Update: this referral offer of £100 finished. There is no better offer than £50 at the moment.

Octopus energy referral terms and conditions:
You share £100 between the referrer and referee only if the registration is from a new user using the Octopus energy referral invitation to sign up.


Who owns octopus energy?
This press release tell us who is octopus energy owned by:
Octopus remains majority owned by Octopus Group, the £9bn UK investor in energy, technology and growth businesses. Octopus is the UK’s largest investor in solar energy, and has recently announced Australia’s largest solar farm.

Does octopus energy do smart meters?
Short answer, yes. “We aim to contact all customers who’re currently eligible to have a smart meter installed by the end of 2020“, so you are very likely to get a smart meters with Octopus (source article from the blog)
And if you wonder “how can I get a smart meter with Octopus?” there is a link for this once you register in your dashboard.

Get your octopus energy referral bonus today!

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10 months ago

Joined Octopus recently and they are amazing! Great prices and customer service. Their referral scheme is great too, both get £50 credit so win-win!

Joshua Spurrell
9 months ago

Can you be my sign up friend Zohra?