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Mondly languages free premium code, unlock all Mondly lessons

Here is a code to enter in the shop section to unlock the premium version of Mondly languages app.

Steps to get Mondly languages for free and learn languages

1) Go to while on a non-mobile device
2) Create an account or sign in
3) Click settings, Redeem code
4) Click the box that says “Enter Code” and type “mondlyWORKS
5) Congratulations! You now have $20+ worth of language software for free. It adds 23 additional languages not available for people with free membership and a ton of other features

Please note, if you already have an account, access your account on your laptop/desktop, enter the code, and refresh the app on your phone. Voilà! The Android app updates quickly, the iPhone has some issues.

Thank you, Thomas, Pauline and Breaky for your comments!


Mondly Languages premium membership with a code


Mondly Languages premium membership – Setting > redeem code “mondlyWORKS

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  1. So I have a new phone but cannot access the extras I paid. I can’t find any contact info and have no idea how to get the app to recognize me.
    I’m also technically disabled!

  2. What a great blog. Thank you so much for posting this tip, Matt!

    It still works.

    The premium prices have been raised, according to the “Premium menu shop” and popup dialog messages:
    – 1 language: 68,99€
    – all (34) languages: 88,99€ (limited offer – which has been displayed as the last days before)

    Yesterday it got me a message that all free sponsored slots for the day were full.
    Early this morning the next day it worked. I can now access all lessons. Great!

    Right, there is no shop in the menu bar (besides premium link).
    Do NOT look in the blue menu bar (Home, settings) of the website!

    On the website click in your PROFILE with your name in the top left corner (you have to create your profile it first).
    Then choose the field “redeem code”, which is the last point below settings/leaderboard/feedback.

    Thanks again!


  3. I could found enter code part finally. But, when I enter MONDLY and press continue there will be a caption ( the limit for today’s free promo codes has been reached. Come back tomorrow.)

    • Hi Sir, same as me before. But, you could open back your account then put in the code on the next day. May it’ll be helpful !

  4. I don’t think it works anymore… I’ve tried it, but there is no “enter code” field anywhere. Am I missing something? :(

  5. I’m having some problems, it says “The limit for today’s free promo codes has been reached. Come back tomorrow.”
    What should I do? Come back tomorrow or it will not work?

  6. Nwaorgu Ugochukwu Benjamin says:

    Please I need a redeem code. After few days of using premium I can’t access my lesson again

  7. Hi guys just found a new redeem code while reading the site and stumbled unto next word. “mondlyWORKS” and I have myself a premium account now. Don’t know how long it works just started 5 minutes ago. Hope this helps a few people 👍 and leave a remark when it works for you ☺️

  8. Sorry that it does not work anymore. Maybe you can try next codes, hope there is one that works. If so please post here with a big thanks.


  9. I can’t seem to be even able to open Mondly in my browser to try it… It just redirect me to a page where it tells me to download the app :((

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