First time offers and referrals, use the web in a smart way

Get a free cab ride using cab apps, refer friends and save money

Here is a tip to enjoy one or a few free cab ride. Taking the taxi is usually quite expensive, we all need it for a special occasion and it’s a market who will still be here.
There are more and more cab apps you can download on your mobile phone. Thanks to them, you can order a taxi and also see in how many minutes he will be around etc.

Take the cab for free or get discounts
Take the cab for free or get discounts

How to get a free cab ride

Majority of these apps have a system or referral. That’s thanks to this system you can save money and get a free ride. The idea is just to register with a referral link and get ££ you can spend on your next ride.
Share your link with friends and get both a few pounds to use. Obviously, depending on how far you go you may have to pay a part of it, but it’s still a good save.

App to get a free cab ride

Uber is the leader in the UK. Have a look at the website, and here is the link to get £10 free when you register using this link

£10 of your first account booking by signing up on using my code K4W4RB.

Same concept different app. Get £5 on your first ride with the code “SAVE5”

£20 off free credits to use in London, Amsterdam, Berlin

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