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Check if a online profile is a fake

There are a lot of fake profiles online. Some people use pictures which aren’t their own to attract others. They found those on websites or sometimes steal them from other users.

How to find online users using fake pictures

In the first case there is a good online tool to find if the photos used are from an other website. It’s called TinEye, and it’s a reverse image research.

Just go to the website, drag and drop the profile picture of the profile you suspect to be a fake. If search results come up it’s not a good sign…

Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search

You can also use Google image, same instructions. Just drag and drop a picture on the dedicated area and lookup the search results to find out if the profile is a fake or not.

Reverse image search with google

Reverse image search with Google

You could upload a photo there in order to find its origin source and to know where else it was published.

Please keep in mind, even if you don’t find any results that doesn’t mean the profile is genuine. Always stay vigilant on the web.


Other things you should consider:

  • typing the username in a search engine
  • typing the email in a search engine
  • Foto Forensics – find parts of a picture that were added to it after editing

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