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Airbnb referral code: invite for £25 discount bonus towards your first trip

Get your AirBnb £25 referral discount if you still haven’t used Airbnb in the pastAirbnb is made up of an amazing worldwide community of hosts and travellers. It’s not just about a place to stay, but also about the unique experiences. 

Airbnb referral code UK – £25 off discount

You can redeem the referral code with this link >> Get your Airbnb discount code, £25 off on first booking.

Airbnb refer a friend invite to travel – no expiry date

Airbnb refer a friend offer

Airbnb referral invite £25 bonus, discount on your first booking

Airbnb refer a friend offer

Qualifying reservations

The trip must have a value of £55 GBP or more, excluding fees and any taxes, to count as a qualifying reservation. These amounts may vary during promotional periods. Your available travel credits automatically appear on the checkout page. If the travel credits aren’t automatically added, this means the reservation wasn’t worth £55 GBP or more. Credits can’t apply to a trip that has already been paid for, but they will be applied to your next qualifying reservation.

Credits expire after one year from the date issued. To get your current referral status, click Invite Friends from your Airbnb Dashboard.

Updated January 2020

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